Friday, May 15, 2015

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Safety is an important topic that may be taken for granted. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets up guidelines to protect us in many aspects. What may be considered safe for one group of people may be harmful to another group. For example, items which will be used or played with by children may require different safety measures than those designed for adults.

TigerPress provides a variety of services with regard to safety in the field of printing. Boxes that may come in contact with food have different requirements than those which may contain food that are already packaged in plastic bags. Step one is knowing the requirements for the safety of your products. Step two is to find suppliers which can adhere to those requirements. TigerPress will work with you in any aspect of your project requirements to insure you are in compliance with safety guidelines. Below are some of the services TigerPress offers for the safety of printed products:

FDA approved inks and coating: Printed products that come in contact with foods must adhere to FDA standards for the material, inks, and varnishes. TigerPress offers, on request, FDA approved paper board, inks, and coating.

Child safety: Child safety requirements are different from those of adults. These requirements consider that a child may put products into his/her mouth. This would take into account what the product is made of and what raw materials are used. In some cases, you may be required to obtain a child safety certificate for your product in order to market your product for children.

If you wish to insure the safety of your products, please contact your TigerPress representative with your requirements and see how we can assist you in achieving your safety goals. Please note that understanding and meeting the safety requirements is your responsibility. TigerPress can help in producing materials to your specifications.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Secure Printing

The demand for secure printing (SP) is growing fast. The laws protecting personal information are getting more restrictive each year. SP requires procedures that ensure the protection of customers’ intellectual property and personal data, and it follows compliance guidelines for export regulations. This is not a cautionary measure; it is the law when printing confidential information belonging to or pertaining to a corporation or an individual. Examples of confidential information include personal information that may be protected by law such as medical or financial information, documents detailing proprietary systems and procedures, joint development efforts, vendor lists, customer orders, and supplier information.

Reproduction of confidential information must be done in a secure environment. Depending on the nature of the material being printed, the requirement to keep this secure may differ. Clear guidelines or procedures for secure printing prevent information from accidently leaking out. The printer and the company who orders the printing are both responsible for keeping this secure. The SP is produced in a locked room accessible by only those with proven credentials. All third party confidential information is to be handled according to the strictest guidelines. This information may only be transmitted/ distributed according to the statement of work prepared for each secure print project.

If you would like to learn about the SP offered by TigerPress, contact your sales associate for more information.

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