Friday, August 15, 2014

Binding Options for your Project!

Choosing the best option for binding your project can be determined by the way the job is printed. This will vary depending on whether it prints digital or offset. The type of binding is usually selected based on the function and requirements of the document, the size, the number of pages it will contain, and your printing budget. Some of the most common bindings include saddle bind, perfect bind, spiral or wire bind, wire-o, and hard case bind.

The saddle bind is an economical option for magazines or booklets, up to 96 pages plus a cover. As the number of pages increases, perfect binding becomes a more suitable option. Normally, we recommend perfect binding for 64 pages and up and saddle bind for less than 96 text pages.

Case binding is a term is used widely to describe hard cover books. This also refers to “coffee table” books. This option is best suited for books, which are expected to have a longer life. There are different types of case bindings available depending on the type of project and your budget. Discuss options with your TigerPress Account Manager.

The bindings mentioned above are just some examples of what is available. There are many different variations of each which will suit a particular need and may add to the quality and look of the final product. For example, a different version of saddle bind is loop stitched bind. For wire binding, you have options for standard, semi-concealed or concealed binding to make the final product more attractive. Some other types of binding are side stitched, screw bind, tape bind, comb bind, coil bind, and many more….

Just about all of the bindings mentioned in this article are available for both digital and offset printing. Although the look may be the same, the process in which the binding is produced is different for each type. This would affect the strength of the binding and you should discuss the details with your sales associate in advance of production.

The selection of binding should be part of the conceptual design of your project. It is important to discuss the options and your budget with your designer at the early stages of the design. This will provide you with necessary information to make the right decisions for your project.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Power of Print!

Mail it or email it? What is the best solution? If you are only considering cost, the answer may be simple. In most cases, however, you need to consider many other factors. One needs to recognize that mail and email are not the same. Each has its own strengths and should be used based on the types of communication that is required.

Any smart marketing campaign should include printed materials. The combination of printed and online marketing is the best way for a successful marketing campaign. A printed catalog or mailer adds more value and draws more attention when compared to all those received via digital channels. A printed medium can be saved as a reminder for later considerations. But digital marketing flashes in front of our eyes for a short moment before we permanently discard them.

Today, marketing professionals have an opportunity to utilize print and gain an advantage over their competitors. Only one out of three marketers use printed materials as part of their marketing strategies. This is an untapped opportunity to set your business apart from competitors. You may have noticed that more and more name brands are sending you mailers again. The companies with access to research and surveys spend their advertising budget where they realize they’ll get the most benefit. Check your mailbox and see who is sending you a mailer. You would agree that they are some of the most successful in their industry. Be ahead of your competitors to realize the power of print!

A popular question with regard to social media is “Which channel should I use most?” Any professional marketing advisor would say, “Be where your clients are.” This is easy to say, but do you know which social media your clients visit the most? At TigerPress, we say, “If you don’t know where to reach your clients online, you can always reach them in their office with a professional printed piece!”

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