Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Web-Enabled Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment entails the storage, management, and timely distribution of a client’s materials (literature or products) to their distribution outlets or customers, with up-to-the-minute inventory counts directly to your computer allowing you to make real time decisions. We manage a variety of products from different vendors. This often includes assembling products and kitting, special packaging, and shipping or delivering those products to their final destinations. Fulfillment services can range from basic pick-and-pack operations to sophisticated, web-enabled programs that provide client interfaces and order/inventory management.

TigerPress has recently expanded its fulfillment department to service our customers’ needs. We have established an online ordering website with all the items our clients may want to make available to their staff or customers. Each stage of this service can be customized: warehousing, inventory control, order authorization, secure storage, on demand printing services, custom reports, and much more.

Though every industry operates their order fulfillment operations differently, one thing remains the same: an efficient fulfillment process equals a satisfied customer. We can increase your efficiency by saving you administration time, invaluable warehouse space, expensive labor costs, packaging and shipping. In order to meet customers’ needs, TigerPress is constantly evolving and offering new services in an ever changing environment!

The outsourcing of order fulfillment is becoming more popular as the need for expediting deliveries grows. We can warehouse an inventory of your company’s products and combine them with other required items such as assembly handbooks, part manuals, or marketing materials, saving significant shipping costs.

We take extra care in packaging each product to ensure it arrives in good condition. Your orders can be fulfilled in a timely manner by our professional staff, and delivered to your clients faster than ever.

If your company has room for improvement in the area of order fulfillment, consider discussing your options with one of our experts in this field. TigerPress has an experienced staff that specializes in this area and can streamline your delivery processes. Focus on what you do best – producing and selling your product – and let us take care of the rest.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Comparing Good Service to Excellent Service!

Customer service is an integral part of any successful business. People purchase products and services from companies that consistently deliver great service. Time is a valuable commodity and we all face deadlines and demands. Being able to trust your vendors saves time and can reduce stress on a daily basis. We rely on our vendors to help us bring the best possible service to our clients.

There is significant competition in the marketplace these days and “good service” is simply not good enough. Ordering a job and having it delivered on time is good service. However, excellent service is required to keep pace and keep your company a step ahead of the competition. Finding a supplier that is part of your team and will do whatever it takes to deal with unexpected situations is very important. Our customer service professionals are client focused and dedicated to doing what is necessary to make sure all projects are completed on time and to your specifications. They are trained to seek out potential problems and issues before they happen.

Here is an example of how TigerPress responded to a call from one of our clients:

We were expecting over 200 pictures to put together and print books for Miss USA in June. This was a time sensitive project that was scheduled in advance with a very tight turnaround. The pictures were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, June 4. The books had to be delivered to Baton Rouge, LA the following Wednesday morning. TigerPress designers were on call to quickly finish the layout and create a proof.

The client’s extended photo shoot delayed the arrival of the artwork, putting the job 36 hours behind schedule. Our dedicated staff worked as a team all weekend long and did everything necessary to deliver the job on time. The result: the catalogs arrived promptly for the Miss USA convention and TigerPress had another very satisfied and appreciative customer.

Printing is a competitive business in a very competitive world. We work hard and have invested a great deal of time and money to implement software, systems, and training to help us manage our workflow. Execllent customer service, attention to detail, and a “will do” attitude is something we strive for each and every day. Thank you in advance for the next opportunity to serve you!

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